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What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data sent to your computer or mobile browser from a website and stored on your device. More information about the cookies themselves can be found at: aboutcookies.org.

How are cookies used?

Cookies are a kind of tool for identifying your device when you access our site. Identifying your device is also enabled by our partners. The informations they contain may subsequently be used to: 

  • Personalize the site by archiving the settings that the user selects for the website. 
  • Archiving information such as the contents of a shopping cart as part of the website's function. 
  • Limited access to registered users' data and limited access to services involving cash transactions. 
  • Storing aggregated statistics data on web site usage.

What information does it contain?

Cookies often contain a unique serial number, for example: 413EA8A33A38AC8CCE09CC624E8B4758, which may in some cases contain the information you enter. There is no personally identifiable information in our cookies or cookies used by our affiliate organizations. They may also contain information about the actions you take on our site: information that you clicked on or whether you viewed a specific page. There are several cases where we need to record more detailed information in a cookie, such as the cookie we use to indicate that you are logged into our site.

This cookie is encrypted, that is, only our site has access to this information, which contains information such as the time you logged in and your unique serial number.

How can I control cookies?

Cookies are optional. You can set your device browser to accept all cookies immediately, to ask you for approvals when websites send cookies, or to refuse to receive cookies at any time. Please note that if you decline cookies, certain features of our site will not work, which will limit the use of all our services. Not every browser works the same way, so check the "Help" menu on your browser to find out how to change and control your cookie settings.

On web site address aboutcookies.org you can also find the latest informations with instructions on how to control or delete cookies on your Windows computer or Apple Mac. To control or delete cookies on your mobile phone, please refer to the manufacturer's documentation.

Other types of cookies

We use the Macromedia Flash Player to provide certain services on our site. Local Shared Objects - or Flash Cookies are used to make the client experience even better and enable features such as auto resume or save settings. Flash cookies are stored in the user terminal almost the same as cookies, but at the browser level you cannot manage them in the same way.

The Adobe Website provides extensive information on how to delete or disable Flash cookies, either for a specific domain or for all websites - see the Adobe website for details. We warn you that the Flash cookie limit, may affect the features available to you for Flash programs on our sites.

What are third party cookies and what are they used for?

To provide you and us with the best possible service, we use partner organizations in business. If we want to improve the features of our site through detailed analysis or enable advertising, then we use affiliate services. Most of our partners use their own cookies, which only they have access to, and these cookies are called "third party" cookies.

To find out about the type and manner in which our partner organizations use cookies, visit their websites: Adtech, Atlas, Emediate, Webtrends, Criteo, Google, Omniture and Epsilon. For all other data and informations, including how to disable services they provide, visit their websites or networkadvertising.org.

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