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Five types of employees you want in your team

Experts in the field of human resources single out five types of people that are good to have in your team in order for your business to grow.

Experts in the field of human resources single out five types of people that are good to have in your team in order to grow your business.
Microenterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises are different, so there is no universal ideal employee profile - reports Uplift. However, experts in the field of human resources single out five types of people that are good to have in your team in order for your business to grow:

Entrepreneur - Although you are the main entrepreneur in your company, it is important to have other people in your team who have entrepreneurial qualities. Such persons will offer a new perspective and solution to the problem. These are employees who can think critically and at the same time remain creative. If you manage to assemble a team of unique entrepreneurs, you will have a solution for almost any problem. Entrepreneurs are often innovative critics, which leads to the fact that they will simultaneously offer you a solution to problems, but also bring new ideas.
Team players - Although at first you might think it's a cliché, the characteristic of a team player is one of the most important in employees, especially in smaller companies. The business of such a company will often grow precisely because it consists of people who work well together, complement each other and strive together to make your business grow. Team players take care of their colleagues, and at the same time they care about doing their job perfectly. They will be willing to go out of their way to help other employees do a good job and will do whatever it takes to make your business successful. Such people are ready to sacrifice their personal ambitions for the general welfare of the company, and this is precisely what is most important for business growth.
Adaptable – Adaptability is an extremely valuable trait in small business employees. Instead of focusing on a single role and responsibility, such employees have no problem taking on additional tasks and even those that are outside their area of expertise. Although small companies have a small number of employees, from ten employees in micro-enterprises to about two hundred in medium-sized enterprises, the scope of work and responsibilities is often similar to that of large companies. This means that fewer employees have to carry out a wider range of tasks, and if you have flexible team members, you will have less to worry about distributing tasks. You can rely on such employees to adapt to changing requirements and schedules when performing tasks, so you will not find yourself in a situation where a job is not completed because the person who was in charge of it failed to do it for a certain reason.
Passionate Enthusiast – Passion is not a skill or experience, but such employees have a genuine interest in a particular field or job. While experience is certainly one of the more important things you'll look for in a new employee, if you're looking for a long-term addition to your team, there's no substitute for passion. Experience can be gained, and if you find someone who is truly passionate about your work, you won't have to worry about that person losing interest, leaving, or not offering you enough new and innovative ideas. This type of employee gives the owners the opportunity to "sculpt" them and turn them into true professionals who will be loyal to them. Passionate employees are those who strive to improve their performance and perform their work superbly, and that is exactly why it is important to have such a person in your team.
Mentors – As a micro, small or medium business owner, the most important thing for you is the growth of your company. And as it grows, so do your employees who often turn from new employees very quickly into experienced and key players. It is very important to hire people who will be able to transfer their knowledge and experience gained while working in your company to new employees. For employees who are just starting their careers or adapting to a new environment, it is important to have someone to push them if they get stuck and help them feel comfortable and secure in their new role. But mentors don't have to be exclusively people who will teach newcomers in your company, they can also be people with important knowledge and skills who will join your team, and will share their experiences with your employees and give them a new perspective.


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