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Korona has also managed to bring down beer sales in Germany that they have not remembered in the last 30 years

It was not the Germans who gave up consuming their favorite beer, but the months-long lockdowns sponsored lower consumption. Hospitality facilities were forcibly closed in the spring and then again in November, leading to a 5.5 percent drop in consumption of liquid hop treats in Germany, compared to the year before the pandemic.

They sold 8.7 billion hectoliters of beer last year, while they sold more than 9.1 billion hectoliters the year before, Destatis said. The short-lived summer recovery in sales failed to offset the total at the end of the year. Germany has not remembered such figures since 1993, when Destatis published such reports.

By the way, the world's largest consumer of beer is the country from which the pandemic originated - China. This is also logical given the large population. Before the crown of the crisis, the biggest 'beer drinkers' were the Czechs, where each resident, conditionally speaking, drank 143 liters of beer a year. They were followed by Germany with 110 liters drunk per capita. Considering the number of inhabitants in Croatia, beer was consumed very well before the viral crisis, because out of its four million inhabitants, 83 liters of beer were drunk per capita per year.

Germany has more than 83 million inhabitants, and 110 liters per year 'per capita' consumption. And in Serbia, where they have six large breweries, beer is also consumed a lot. There, 60 liters are consumed per capita per year, or 5.5 liters per month.


Photo source: Unsplash

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