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Bill Gates as a prophet - warned the public before the pandemic, and now says we are getting 10 times worse epidemic

The founder of Microsoft and one of the most influential people today, between justifying with conspiracy theories like chipping people through the Covid vaccine, is announcing an epidemic for the second time in six years.

His first prognosis came true and we have been living in it for a year, and everyone is hesitant about the second because he says it will be ten times worse than the coronavirus pandemic. - Instead of preparing for a pandemic as for war, we pretend that nothing is happening - he said in 2015, and repeated the same in 2019, at the end of which the virus ravaged China and then the rest of the world. At the time, no one could even imagine 104 million infected and 2.25 million dead in a year from a virus that fits in a teaspoon and infects the world with that amount.

- This pandemic is bad, but a future pandemic could be 10 times more serious. At the moment, we are not ready for the uncontrolled spread of such or even more dangerous virus - he told Entrepreneur. He added that there is a 'positive side to Covid, and these are the lessons learned so far from the pandemic, which have strengthened and educated us. The blows of the crown to the world's economies and health are yet to add up, and the most difficult one it has inflicted on us is the uncertainty and fear that life will never return to its old ways.

Gates ’predictions that he shares with the whole world are suspicious prophecies to many. As the first pandemic materialized, and Gates was an influential businessman, conspiracy theorists linked Bill Gates ’material capabilities to the need to control humanity. Some are convinced that the virus was created in a laboratory and deliberately released to work on a vaccine through which people would be 'chipped' and then monitored and controlled. Given that most people in the world use smartphones through which security services can find out almost everything about you, this chip would also be a failed investment.

And here's how the billionaire views the subject: "No one could have predicted that Dr. Fauci and I would be so prominent in these really evil and insane theories. I'm very surprised about that. I hope it stops." By the way, he has invested at least $ 1.75 billion through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to find a global response to the pandemic, which also funds some vaccine manufacturers, diagnostics and drug searches to help those already infected recover more easily.


Photo source: Unsplash

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