About us

Get to know our philosophy, goals and role in the market.

PickJobs d.o.o is a company founded at the end of 2020, which through an innovative employment platform connects employers and employees in the Republic of Croatia but also countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Ukraine, Albania and Kosovo.

We have been on the market since the end of 2020 with the aim of improving and enhancing the recruitment process. By working together and with unique key factors such as global connectivity and mobile application, we want to make a valuable contribution as an opportunity for the growth and development of the individual. We work every day to improve the platform and listening to the market we strive to maximize the platform with new features and useful content.

We accept differences and for this very reason we start to change the employment process with innovative, different services. Over time, the number of private and business users will grow more and more, and we will adjust the offer to our customers on a daily basis. It is no coincidence that "100% business" is the leitmotif of our platform and the business itself. "100% business" is a description that would best describe our vision, philosophy and ourselves. It describes what we are, what we strive for and what we offer.

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