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How to switch off during vacation?

During the annual vacation, many leave the office, but do not leave their work behind, but instead conduct business conversations, and read and send business mail on the beach.

Summer has come and with it the time for vacation. However, the problem of not being able to disconnect from the business 'autopilot' often arises. As everything is subordinated to work in everyday life, the challenge is to really relax, rest and forget about work during the annual vacation. Monster offers advice on how not to read e-mails, take precious time for yourself and other tricks on what to do and how to do on vacation.

During the annual vacation, many leave the office, but do not leave their work behind, but instead conduct business conversations, and read and send business mail on the beach. Some try to do all the work before they go on vacation, or leave everything for after they return. And some completely "skip" the annual because they think they have too much work to have time to rest.

Realize that you need a break

Work productivity is affected by fatigue. If a person does not take annual leave, the ability to adequately perform work tasks decreases. It is always important to understand that we need a vacation, which means that in the first phase we have to make sure that someone replaces us during the annual vacation, as far as possible of course. We must know that not everyone always has this possibility, especially entrepreneurs who have their own company and are fighting for the survival of their company.

Don't reach for the laptop

Even if you love your job, try not to reach for the computer, because answering one e-mail can quickly turn into several hours of correspondence and solving 'burning questions'.

Physically remove yourself from the work environment

Physical departure from the work environment is the first step towards a real vacation. That part is quite easy to achieve. The problem of most women is mental rest, how not to think about work, obligations, e-mails and what "waits for you" when you return to work. Don't allow yourself to replace your work to-do list with what you need to see and do while on vacation. Planning and organization are always fine, but it's not good to push your own pace even in your free time. Enjoy the sun, drinking coffee and spending quality time with your loved ones.

When vacation causes more stress than relaxation, it can affect other areas of life and cause health problems and deterioration of relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Experts give six tips for a truly relaxing vacation from work.


Make your colleagues' work as easy as possible while you are gone. Write down what you usually do and offer to help the person who will replace you before going on vacation. You don't want to go on vacation without everyone immediately saying, "I can't believe he didn't do this."


This advice applies especially to managers, whose behavior on vacation is a model for the whole team. If the boss responds to emails within half an hour, even on vacation, workers will assume that they are expected to do the same. Instead, managers can use their time off to give their subordinates a chance to learn new skills by rotating them.

Plan your return

After returning from the year, many feel as if a whole 'mountain' of work has fallen on them. So many unread messages, unanswered calls and colleagues waiting in a long line to talk to you. Therefore, before you go on vacation, plan the first few days after your return. Set aside time for meetings with your superiors and subordinates, as well as for reviewing messages and answering calls. Plan how long it will take you to get back to your regular work rhythm.

Unplug, literally

Try not to check emails or answer official calls, even try to leave your computer in the office.

Don't show off

If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel abroad and vacation in Hawaii, don't forget that some of your colleagues don't have that opportunity. None of your colleagues want to hear how you swam in the Aegean Sea while they 'sailed' the sea of reports.

Customize your goals

Not every piece of advice fits every situation. Some people can completely 'switch off' during vacation, while others, due to their duties or corporate culture, cannot do so and therefore need to limit the frequency of checking official emails and answering calls.


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