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Biograd na Moru, Croatia
Job Description


  • prepares, decorates and dispenses dishes according to prescribed standards
  • prepares the required amount of food, chops and processes until final processing
  • applies various technological procedures in food preparation and preparation
  • provides an attractive presentation of the dish
  • quantitatively and qualitatively takes over and takes charge of the ordered groceries, in the absence of the shift manager and the chef
  • assists in the retrieval of groceries, raw materials and supplies from suppliers and warehouses
  • coordinates the work of the kitchen in the absence of his superiors
  • together with the shift manager keeps records of spent material
  • takes care of the proper use and storage of food and controls the expiration of goods
  • takes care of cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen

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Job Features
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Education Elementary School, High School, Associate degree, Bachelor degree

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