How much is it necessary to have a good mentor and what are his strengths?

A mentor is a person who, through his knowledge and experience based on research, makes the secret to success. Why this is so and what are its qualities find out below.

Learning from someone older, wiser, and more experienced is an invaluable business opportunity, whether you've just started your first job or you are halfway through your career.
The routine of work often leads to a loss of focus. We easily get lost in everyday problems and even if solutions are under our noses, it is difficult to find a way out.
In such moments, the value of a mentor comes to the fore. He's the one who resets things, takes us back to the beginning and the basics, so he can look at his career and growth from a different angle.
Once we know the value of a mentor we come to another problem, how to recognize the qualities of a good mentor?
There is no universal and magical answer to this question, but here are some characteristics that are desirable:

Expressive skills

Basically, your mentor should have more experience and a more successful career than you. He's the kind of role model you're looking for, the better version you want to become.
He should be empathetic, communicative, honest, creative and share the same view of the value system as you.
Honesty is an important segment because his task is to invest in your professional growth, but also he has to be realistic about your position.
Sometimes in addition of motivational speeches, you'll need constructive criticism.

The wide circle of contacts

In addition to fundamental knowledge and values, the strength of a good mentor lies in his contacts. You never know which doors can be opened by meeting new people and opportunities.

Level of trust

Trust must be mutual and built on quality foundations in order to get the most out of this relationship.
You don't have to look for your best friend in a mentor, but it's a person you'll share a lot of information with and you have to feel confident in that environment.
Look for a mentor who will challenge you to improve, who is not afraid to ask difficult questions and who will nurture your relationship in a private and professional direction.
This is the mentor you were looking for, to help you achieve your goals and help you to succeed.

Picture source: Unsplash, Pexels


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