Construction engineer-trainee (m / f)

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Construction engineer-trainee (m / f)

Nova Gradiška, Hrvatska
Job Description
  • takes care of the quality of construction, craftsmanship and installation works, controls the quality of all performed works and fulfills the norm according to the rules of the profession; report
  • control of the implementation of occupational safety regulations and other regulations and general acts
  • development of the construction site scheme, and presentation of occupational safety measures in cooperation with the occupational safety expert and the manager
  • controls the material operations of the construction site
  • preparation of the construction book and construction logs is responsible to the manager for timely delivery of data on work and construction site, which are necessary for the calculation of all compensation to employees, is responsible to the manager for internal control of facilities, given the quality of works in cooperation with the head of technical preparation
  • control of sampling and timely submission for testing
  • performing or organizing all other tasks related to the construction site and its workplace
  • proposing for new more cost-effective technology and the use of new materials
  • control of work discipline on the construction site.
Education High School, Bachelor degree, Graduate degree, Master degree, Doctoral degree
Work Location
Nova Gradiška, Croatia
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