Carpenter (m / f)

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Carpenter (m / f)

Đakovo, Hrvatska
Job Description
  • Makes and installs concrete, elliptical and parabolic concrete dome formwork in vertical section
  • Makes drawings of wooden roof structures
  • Makes lattice frames of roof girders and draws girder profiles
  • It makes winding wooden stairs, and very luxurious stairs with a railing
  • It makes the alluvial scaffolding, scales the characteristic points of the object on the scaffolding, and marks the terrain
  • It makes one-sided, two-sided and planed formwork of a concrete wall with an arched floor plan
  • Makes formwork of flat, oblique and coffered bet. panel
  • Makes the formwork of beams and slabs of straight and winding stairs
  • Manufactures formwork for flat columns, beams and frames, flat lintels with teeth and beams of complex profile, inclined columns, beams and frames
  • Makes the formwork of round, oval and polygonal columns
  • Makes and installs the formwork of arch girders and ab vaults
  • It makes facade scaffolding 20-30 m high with a protective fence
  • He makes load-bearing and movable scaffolding on buildings, scaffolding for buildings. cranes for heights up to 15 m
  • Manufactures and installs wooden roof constructions
  • Manufactures and installs lattice board roof girders with a span of 12 m and more, and drawings for the same
  • He makes frame lattice roof girders and makes drawings for them
  • It makes wooden and ab stairs straight and sloping, wooden fences and very luxuriously processed stairs and railings
  • Supports ceilings and walls when installing additional supports (beams)
  • He also performs all tasks according to the job description for carpenters of groups IV - VI
  • He also performs other tasks on the orders of his superior from the scope of the construction profession
  • He is responsible for the quality and execution of works
  • He is responsible for the use and utilization of personal protective equipment
  • Performs other tasks as ordered by the immediate superior

Main responsibilities: manufactures and performs simple and complex masonry work
Number of required workers: 3
Type of employment: fixed-term; increased workload
Contact: written request: Inustrijska 30, Požega by e-mail:

Job Features
  • Accommodation
Education High School
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