Auxiliary worker in warehousing and distribution (m / f)

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Auxiliary worker in warehousing and distribution (m / f)

DEKRA d.o.o.
Zadar, Croatia
Job Description

DEKRA for temporary employment Ltd. is a company specializing in providing temporary employment services. It was founded by DEKRA Arbeit GmbH from Stuttgart, and as part of the international corporation DEKRA SE, which has 47,000 employees and has offices in more than 50 countries.

For the needs of the client, we are looking for a motivated and responsible person to work in the position:

Auxiliary worker in warehousing and distribution (m / f)

Place of work: Zadar


  • Taking care of the maturity of palletized goods stored (according to the system first in first out)
  • Forklift serviceability and maintenance
  • Transportation of packaging, finished goods, packaging materials by forklift
  • Performing other activities related to packaging and finished goods (moving finished goods, moving packaging from defective pallets, inserting bottles, sorting packaging, sorting bottles by appropriate packaging)
  • Participation in the process of commissioning goods
  • Performing the work of an auxiliary worker on the truck when delivering goods in accordance with the needs of the work
  • Retrieval of returnable packaging from the customer, recording on the appropriate documentation and responsibility for the accuracy between the records and the physical condition of the packaging on the truck


  • Skilled worker - skilled worker
  • 1 year of work experience in relevant jobs
  • Knowledge of procedures and procedures in logistics and distribution
  • Good knowledge of accident procedures
  • Group and interpersonal effectiveness, collaboration and teamwork
  • Expertise and dedication to work


  • Net income 35 kn / hour for regular work

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Job Features
  • Travel Expenses Fee
Education Elementary School

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