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Site manager

PG-INVEST d.o.o.
Našice, Croatia
Job Description
  • takes care of the quality of construction, craft and installation works as well as the maintenance of the agreed terms and conditions;
  • is responsible for the quality of all performed works and fulfillment of the norm according to the rules of the profession;
  • timely orders the necessary manpower, materials and machinery;
  • prepares monthly operational plans with the manager, is responsible for their implementation and realization, and submits a monthly written report;
  • is responsible for the implementation of occupational safety regulations and other regulations and general acts;
  • prepares the scheme of the construction site, and the presentation of occupational safety measures in cooperation with the occupational safety expert and the manager;
  • takes care of up-to-dateness in submitting situations and other reports;
  • submits a reasoned proposal for its extension one month before the deadline for completion of works;
  • takes care of and controls the financial and material operations of the construction site;
  • supervises and controls the keeping of construction books and construction logs and signs them;
  • conducts interviews with the investor within the obtained authorizations;
  • holds expert meetings of construction sites;
  • assists young professionals in their work;
  • with the investor's supervisory service, raises all issues related to uninterrupted construction and up-to-date operation of the construction site in a timely manner;
  • is directly responsible for the timely delivery of data on work and construction site, which are necessary for the calculation of all benefits to employees;
  • directly organizes and is responsible for the internal control of the facilities, given the quality of the performance of the facility or works;
  • for the analysis of prices for subsequent works in cooperation with the head of technical preparation;
  • is responsible for the preparation of the lower and upper machine of the crane track;
  • is responsible for taking samples and sending them for timely testing;
  • performs or organizes all other tasks related to the construction site and its workplace;
  • proposes new more cost-effective technology and the use of new materials;

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Job Features
  • Travel Expenses Fee
Education Associate degree, Bachelor degree, Graduate degree, Master degree, Doctoral degree
Driver license B

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