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How to deal with stress before a job interview?

A job interview can be quite stressful, no matter how much experience, knowledge and skills you have. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of anxiety and stress before a job interview.

Tremor is a completely normal thing that occurs in those moments when we need to face something unknown. The feeling of nervousness shows that we care about something and that we want to perform the best we can.
Below are a few tricks that might help you.

1. More knowledge, less stress

Given that nervousness most often occurs when we are not sufficiently familiar with the situation, mastering information about the employer could reduce it. Before the interview prepare well by researching information about the employee such as ownership structure, their goals and mission, and past and future projects. It is rightly said that good preparation is a big part of a successful job (and job interview).

2. Practice in front of a mirror

If the interview is stressful for you because you are not sure if you will be able to present yourself in the right light, practice in front of a mirror. This way you will recognize the mistakes you make, see if your body language is positive and it will also help you prepare answers to some of the most common questions. If you have the opportunity to exercise with someone, it could also create positive results.

3. Breathe

To avoid a shaky voice during the interview take a deep breath before entering the meeting room. Concentrate on calming your body through breathing by controlling how deep you take your breaths. This will ease the nervousness and reduce the fear.

4. Take a walk before the interview

If you feel stress as a slightly uncomfortable tingling sensation in your body, get rid of that nervousness by walking. This will clear your head. If you’ve been sitting and waiting for a while before you know it’s your turn do a couple of squats somewhere where no one sees you. This will get you rid of excess energy and you will approach the employer more relaxed.

5.Be prepared for a negative outcome

Although you can already guess part of the conversation in advance, you will hardly know everything that awaits you. Mistakes happen to everyone, and you have to be prepared to endure a bad situation as well. Dealing with negative comments or rejection shows the strength of your character.

6. Remember to be rested, eat and drink

This rule also applies if you do not have a job interview, but especially if you know that a stressful situation will be waiting for you during the day. You will find it much harder to bear if you are tired, hungry or thirsty. Always carry a bottle of water with you and keep your meal healthy and light before the interview.


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